Motorshow Media Concept


Event media design

Design and production of an Audiovisual Media Concept for a Motorshow.
Motorshow Media Concept - Picture 1
Motorshow Media Concept - Picture 2
Motorshow Media Concept - Picture 3
Motorshow Media Concept - Picture 4


Achim John joined Perfect Accident in 2015 as Creative Director Event and has over ten years experience in the industry within Europe and around the world. He worked on a number of high profile productions including the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver, Expo Shanghai 2011, the Panamerican Games in Mexico 2011 or just recently the European Games 2015 in Azerbaijan. During the recent years he was also responsible for Autoshow media concept and production for Lexus, Infiniti, Acura and Honda.

Pictures above show work by Achim John for Spinifex Group, Los Angeles/USA.