Das Erste – leuchtet ein


christmas campaign


Das Erste

This winter campaign for „Das Erste“ enlightens the world in unusual encounters. Wherever the channel reaches its audience it inspires the viewers' imagination.
Das Erste – leuchtet ein - Picture 1
Das Erste – leuchtet ein - Picture 2
Das Erste – leuchtet ein - Picture 3
Das Erste – leuchtet ein - Picture 4
Das Erste – leuchtet ein - Picture 5
Das Erste – leuchtet ein - Picture 6


This Christmas campaign for "Das Erste" enlightens the surrounding, by spreading feelings of pleasant anticipation. A journey of light stands for the search of personal encounter: sometimes as a Christmas installation, as metaphoric warmth, as a surprising moment, but always enchanting.


The corporate Christmas card whose motif glows partially in the dark, accompanied the campaign.





Idents, bumpers, online and social media design, marketing tools


Release: December 2013 • Client: Das Erste, Germany • Agency: Perfect Accident Creative Services GmbH / velvet Mediendesign GmbH • Client CD: Henriette Edle von Hoessle • Client PM: Sylvia Gustat, Ute Wenzel • Head of Design: Martin Kett • Creative Direction: Stefanie Reinhart, Thomas Wernbacher (velvet) • Project Management: Vroni Spiegler • Art Direction: Iris Engler, Vera Warter • Production: velvet Mediendesign GmbH • Director: Matthias Zentner (velvet) • Producer: Oliver Loessl (velvet), Martin Kircher • DOP: Torsten Lippstock • Service Production: BAS Production, Slovenia • Service Producer: Andrej Caruso • Art Director: Katja Soltes (BAS Production) • Styling: Valter Cobal • Post Producer: Oliver Loessl (velvet) • Editor: Anja Rosin (velvet) • Color Correction Base-Light: Bianca Rudolph (velvet) • Lead Artist Flame: Sylvia Roessler (velvet) • Nuke Artists: Rayk Hemmerling (velvet) • Technical Supervision: Niklas Stolzenberg (velvet) • Music Production: Christoph Blaser (Largoland), Steffen Kahles (Largoland) • Sound Mix: EXIT Studio Munich • Photography: Yorick Carroux • Outfitter: Christl Wein-Engel